Open Space Maintained

Grounds keepers at the Claremont Resort & Spa (aka the hotel) have been working diligently to limb-up trees and clear away weeds and debris. This activity is thanks, in part, to Conservancy board member Nancy Mueller who monitors the eucalyptus grove on her weekly bike ride through the area behind the hotel. Nancy keeps in touch with the hotel grounds keepers to make sure they are well-informed about the importance of vegetation management for fire safety on their property,

Thanks also to the East Bay Regional Parks District, and especially ranger David Hollis' team for clearing debris on the Gwin Canyon Trail from Norfolk Road all the way down to the UC boundary line. Conservancy volunteers handle maintenance on the UC section of the Gwin Canyon Trail as well as on the Willow and Summit House trails. The Garber Park Stewards continue their excellent work keeping the Garber hillside free of invasives and the trails walkable. Thanks to all who give their time and energy to keep our canyon both safe and beautiful.

August Stewardship Events

August 17 in Garber Park. Join us from 10 AM to Noon and meet at the Claremont Avenue entrance, just up a short way from the rear, staff entrance to the Claremont Hotel. Look for the Garber Park sign and the trail map. We will be removing invasive cape ivy, repairing steps and monitoring trails to keep our park both safe and beautiful. Our trails are used for leisurely walks and also serve as escape routes in the event of a wildfire or other emergency when streets may become impassible.

August 24 in the Upper Canyon. We will gather at 10 AM at Signpost 29 and work til Noon, 1.5 miles up Claremont from the intersection with Ashby/Tunnel Road. We are pleased to report that the trails are in good condition after an unusually wet winter. Overgrowth has been cut back, a creek crossing 

For all stewardship work: Please wear long sleeves, long pants, work gloves and sturdy shoes with good tread or boots and bring a bottle of water. We will supply tools and gloves but feel free to bring your own.

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