All Public Agencies

  • Eliminate the potential for eucalyptus and pine on their lands to produce dramatic flame fronts and throw embers that could quickly overcome firefighters and significantly reduce evacuation time for homeowners.

  • Develop effective strategies for removing and controlling the increasingly aggressive French broom.

  • Keep roadsides managed for ignition sources, including weeds, litter and downed power lines.

  • See our Advocate Plan for what can be done in each of 27 subareas of the canyon.

East Bay Regional Park District

  • Complete and maintain the fuelbreak along the residential edge of Gwin Canyon.

  • Create and maintain a fuelbreak behind residences along the north side of Claremont Avenue and in the shrubland east of the eucalyptus grove above the Clark Kerr Campus.

  • Determine whether or not the Stonewall eucalyptus grove will aid or hinder firefighters in stopping a wildfire that might come down through the Canyon before it can ignite residential areas along the Canyon bottom.

University of California

  • Continue its efforts to remove all of the eucalyptus trees on its property (former plantations) in Claremont Canyon. Follow-up with aggressive weed management, in particular reduction of French broom.

  • Improve and maintain fire trails.

East Bay Municipal Utility District

  • Complete the EBMUD portion of the Grizzly Peak Boulevard ridgetop fuel break.

  • Address the risks created by eucalyptus trees overhanging a powerline between Grizzly Peak Boulevard and the ridgetop.

City of Oakland

Pacific Gas and Electric

  • Keep branches trimmed away from power lines.

  • Develop plans for undergrounding power lines along Grizzly Peak Boulevard and in sensitive neighborhoods surrounding Claremont Canyon.